Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I completed the first Pomander! The instructions that I used are at Vintage Glam Weddings
I used 5" Styrofoam balls, floral pins and foam glue from Save On Crafts.com. The individual paper flowers are made of 4-5 sheets of cut tissue paper and floral wire. I found the tissue paper in large packs at Papermart.com

Each ball require 40-45 individual paper flowers. I found it easiest to crank out tons of flowers and then make the complete pomander once I had enough.

I used about 30" of ribbon for the handle as mine are going to hang off of large pews at the church and then from shepherds hooks at the reception site walkway. The ribbon was secured using two of the long floral pins.

I lightly dipped the wire of every few flowers in the glue and then stuck them into the foam ball leaving only about an inch between them.

Only nine more to go!

1 comment:

  1. I rarely say it, but "You go, girl!"

    Your first Pomander looks gorgeous.



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