Monday, August 3, 2009


For the most part I have had a productive wedding to do list weekend. I made the first pomander (I'll post pics tomorrow) and it came out really nice. We also picked out our wedding cake. The bad news is that I put together a mock up of what I have been planning for the centerpieces and they do not look too good! These are for round tables that will have moss green table clothes under the burlap runner. I am intending to hem the edges of the burlap, but otherwise I could use some help!!! So here is the not so great centerpiece with some some of my inspiration. Problem is that I now own 10 of these vases and 40 of the lantens. Please help, any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. you should try adding some rocks and maybe two more vases in different heights for a three tier style

  2. Great idea! I'm thinking maybe putting th emoss in the vase and adding a small glass vase and one of thos decorative bird nests to create the tier. Thanks! I'll post whatever I come up with.

  3. I really like what you have going here! What about adding more lanterns (different sizes) and/or different sized vases! This look is gorgeous though! Good luck! XOXO


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