Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Saving Tips

While the Holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year it can also very easily become very stressful and overwhelming. I usually need to remind myself that I am not Martha Stewart, I do not have a staff of people to help me cook, clean, decorate, etc. (no, the husband is not a staff member even if he has turned out to be very good at glittering) and that does not make me a bad person. So here are a few time savers that I hope can help me and you out this year:If you have the time and the creativity to make your own cards then all the more power to you (I did it the last few years but I just don't have the time anymore) but if you don't then don't worry. There are tons of great cards out there. This card is from Rifle Paper Co.

It usually takes me a couple of weekends to complete my shopping plus the wait for Internet orders to come in, but once everything is in Good House Keeping recommends setting up a wrapping stations and wrapping everything at once. I like this idea, once it's all done I can officially cross it off the list - just make sure you don't leave this until Dec. 24th.

Bar Set-ups from Loft Life Mag

Clutter buster: The dining room table from Parenting.com
Set the table. No need to be elaborate. By putting out just a tablecloth and a centerpiece, you'll create the idea that it's ready for a meal -- not the contents of your child's backpack.
Take out additional leaves: A smaller surface means less space for things to pile up.
Keep a basket in the corner of the room for stashing stuff until you can sort it.

*You will also feel ready for those unexpected guests. I also like to have a bar/beverage area set-up all the time so that people can feel free to help themselves and you don't feel like you have neglected anyone.

Image and Recipe at Bargain Seeking Mom

I try to make a couple of pie crusts and different types of cookie dough in large batches and then freeze the dough for later on. This is great for the latest minute Christmas Party, a quick gift for a neighbor, teacher, etc and the cookie exchange. In a real pinch, you can go with the Pillsbury ready made crusts or the cookie mix - both will look like your own once you are done.

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