Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Article Scares Me!

I just finished reading this article in the New York Times. The brief story is that a husband and wife who live in a Brownstone that needs to be renovated have completely different ideas. I would say that I am a lot like the wife except for the fact that I would have freaked out after six months of living with her husband. I'm sure he is very nice and all, it's just I know my personality and we wouldn't have worked. So I am now 3 weeks from getting married and a dream of mine would be to have a fixer upper Brooklyn Brownstone. My fiance on the other hand likes the idea of renting a penthouse so that he never has to renovate anything and forget the idea of landscaping. I am lucky in the fact that my fiance is not super cheap like the guy in the article so I might still have a shot at that Brownstone thing - I'm just going to have to be prepared to have a stay at home contractor job!

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