Monday, August 24, 2009

Moss Letters

I finally finished the moss letters for the barn decoration this weekend. This has been one of those really long ongoing projects since it took so long to apply the moss at first that I just didn't want to look at them again for weeks. So here are the very detailed instructions - sorry I don't have a picture for each step. Warning: this is a pretty messy project.
4 large sheets of green Styrofoam
1 marker
5 boxes of floral pins
about 20 bags of moss - not all bags have nice sheets
so you will go through a lot, but have small bits leftover
fishing line
glue gun
Styrofoam glue
Step 1: Choose your letter style and draw it on the Styrofoam sheets. I used two sheets per letter. Then cut out the letters using either a bread knife or pocket knife. I then used the floral pins and the Styrofoam glue to piece together each letter. (30min-1 hour)
Step 2: Now that you have the letters, you can start to glue the moss to the front, back and sides of the letters. I used the Styrofoam glue again as the glue gun eats through the foam. The moss just needs to lightly stick to the letter. I used the floral pins mostly on the edges to hold the moss securely. (2-3 hours to do 2 letters)
Step 3: Wrap the fishing line all around the letter - held by the floral pins. This really held all of the moss in place and you can barely see it. Let dry for 1 - 2 days.
Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to tack down any last pieces of moss. Snip away any unruly moss or stray fishing wire. Finish it with hairspray - this seems to hold it in place plus blows away any little bits. Use the ribbon to hang the letters. (About 20 mins for both letters)


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