Thursday, July 23, 2009

Country Fairs and Weddings

Oh boy, it has been a long morning. I locked myself out of my apartment today on alternate side of the street parking day. Luckily, I had a really nice traffic cop that did not give me a ticket while I waited for my landlord to come with a key and I was only 15mins late to work! I probably forgot the keys due to a lack of sleep after a nightmare about the country fair occurring on the same day as my wedding. I realize that I sound like a crazy bride, but we are getting ready to print the directions cards for the invites and I realized if the fair is the same day then most of the roads would be closed on my directions, not to mention the fair occurs every September across the street from the church that we are getting married in. But I just got off the phone with the town and the fair is 2 weeks prior to my date! The whole thing had me thinking about dates and events in general. Where we live now has annual Italian festival that shuts down the main road for a week every evening and then a Greek festival 1-2 times a year and at least a dozen parades. Not that you should change the date of a wedding or a party but maybe incorporate the event into your party. We are not Greek and have really no idea what the parades are for but it is quite a show. I'm thinking of having a few friends over on the next holiday and after the parade we can have some gyros, spanakopita, etc back at our place.

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