Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Workout

I'm about ready to schedule my first dress fitting so I think it's time to start the wedding workout regime. It's 16 weeks out from the wedding so I have plenty of time plus with bikini season only a few weeks away I should be able to maintain until September. I saw a trainer for 6 weeks last August and he worked wonders so I'm going to follow the exact plan that he had me on then. If you are in the Astoria area, I strongly recommend seeing Eric at The Rock Health and Fitness. He's fantastic! So here's the plan:

9:00am - yogurt and piece of fruit or whole wheat English muffin and a hard boiled egg
11:00am - low fat cheese and handful of almond dried fruit mix
1:00pm - turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat or tuna over salad with olive oil and vinegar plus a 100 cal pack for dessert
4:00pm - cereal or granola bar (100-150 cal)
7:30pm - dinner - this can greatly vary but I try to include 2 vegetables and meat portion should be about the size of my palm plus 1/2 c. of starch.
*only 2 takeout/restaurant meals a week

Monday - 45 min spin class, 15mins on treadmill and 3 upper body exercises (3 sets of 15 each) and 3 sets of 45 sit ups
Tuesday - 30mins on treadmill or EFX and 3 lower body exercises (3 sets of 15 each) and 3 sets of 45 sit ups
Wednesday - 2 aerobics classes at the gym - Rock Body and rebounding
Thursday - off
Friday - 30mins on treadmill or EFX and 3 upper body and 3 lower body exercises and 3 sets of 45 sit ups.
Saturday - 45min spin class
Sunday - off

This isn't too off from my usual routine but it does add about 2 extra days to my gym schedule and it helps to keep me on track. I will surely add a dessert here and there after dinner but these are good guidelines for me. I'm not trying to really lose any weight but rather trim my middle a bit and sculpt arms and legs.

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