Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Upset About Domino...

I still wish Domino Magazine did not fold but the new online magazines that have since cropped up are making me feel a little better about it. Matchbook Magazine is the newest kid on the block and I'm smitten.  I thought about posting some pics of their spreads but then fell in love with the teams' bios.  How creative and beautiful.  Can someone write one of these about me????

Katie Armour

 [CO-FOUNDER + EDITORIAL DIRECTOR] WAS RAISED IN THECalifornia sunshine, DONS a daring pixie cut, WISHES SHE COULD SWIM IN THE colorful canvases of Matisse, GREW UP BETWEEN CHARMING BROTHERS BUT RELISHED HER YEARS AT AN ALL-GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL, WORSHIPS Diana Vreeland, FASHIONS HER stacks of design books TO SERVE AS SIDE TABLES, SWEARS BY cigarette pants AND ballet flats, SCORED HERSELFa devilishly handsome husband THAT PENS HER love poems on typewriters, REUPHOLSTERS HER grandmother's heirlooms WITH leopard print sheets, WILL NEVER TIRE OF Paris, SPOILS HERpug TO NO END AND IS INTENT UPON ADOPTING FOUR MORE.

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