Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cleaning Service

What perfect timing! Apartment Therapy just posted this list of tips when preparing for a cleaning service. I'm having someone come to my home this weekend to give an estimate on having monthly service and I couldn't be more excited. It would be so nice to come home from work and have everything clean all at once.

Here are their suggestions:
•Communicate. Provide instructions for keys, alarms, door codes and pets before the day the cleaning person comes to your home.
•Also discuss in advance any special cleaning requests you have that may be particular to your home or your needs. This way, the cleaning person can come prepared and there are no misunderstandings about costs or the length of the visit. You can also leave a list out, but this doesn't provide an opportunity to answer questions should they arise.
•Pick up clutter. The cleaning service is there to clean, not necessarily to organize unruly paperwork, toys, dishes or other clutter. If you get these things in order before the cleaning person arrives, you are saving them time and allowing them to better get down to business. Also be sure to put away anything you would not want damaged during cleaning.
•Provide feedback early on. If you don't, a pattern becomes established and it becomes even harder to speak up down the road. Dissatisfied with something after the first visit? Speak to someone right away to nip it in the bud upfront. Blown away by wonderful service? Let the cleaning company and your particular cleaning person know!

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