Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain on Your Wedding Day

The NY Times has a wonderful article on how to prep for the possible rainy day wedding. We luckily had a beautiful day but had planned for a rainy one just in case. We also had to keep the budget in mind as Darcy Miller points out. Our location only held 85 people seated. We could move out doors and invite more but that would have required a tent and flooring in case the weather was bad. Even with nice weather, my dress has a good share of dirt and grass stains so I like Claudia Hanlin's suggestion on a change of shoes and a cloth if your ceremony is going to be out doors. Another issue that I ran into was the price of white umbrellas. I ordered a few large bronze colored umbrellas from target which we much more affordable and my cousin who's wedding is next weekend has purchased them in blue, one of her wedding colors. You can save close to $10-20 per umbrella but not choosing a white one.
The following photos were found at Bubbly Bride

Image from the NY Times

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