Monday, October 26, 2009

Now that the wedding is over I can back to decorating and designing my apartment. I did the best I could with wall colors and decorating when we first moved in last year but I never really finished the rooms as we were engaged only 3 weeks later. So now I'm trying to decide which room to finish first. I'm leaning towards the bedroom. Here is what it looks like now:

I'm thinking about adding a coverlet, bed skirt, a small dresser to replace my nightstand and rolling drawers (too low down to see in the photo), decorative pillows (just what my husband always wanted), two small rugs on each side of the bed, new drawer pulls on the vanity and dresser, a lamp shade and more art for the walls. How do you feel about the mixed woods? I will probably get a small dresser/nightstand second hand that will need to be painted. Should I go with a semi gloss black to tie the dresser in? Here are a few inspirations for the room:

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