Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm so sorry that I have been absent. Things are really picking up at work as my busy season begins and I'm still trying to catch up on everything that I had neglected during the wedding and then some.
So good!
This is my favorite wrapper!

I did take some time a couple of weekends ago to visit the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory over in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These chocolate bars are very well known amongst the wedding blogs for their beautiful wrappings. The wrappers are wonderful, but the chocolate is fantastic! They have a wonderful flavor Fleur De Sel which contains sea salt. It has a flavor that reminds me chocolate covered pretzels but way better. It's is an indulgence that will satisfy both the sweet tooth and the salty cravings. You can purchase the bars from the factory of course, Murray Cheese, and countless stores in Brooklyn - we saw it in tons of stores as we shopped in Williamsburg. In addition to a snack, they also make great favors!

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