Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Inspiration Board

I'm now less then 100 days away from the wedding and the stress and pressure of it all is getting to me. I wanted to say that this is not a blog just about wedding but as the wedding is a large part of my life right now you may see more wedding postings for the next 3 months. So with that said, onto wedding stuff. I still have a lot of DIY projects to complete and promise to post about them step by step when i get done but in the meantime, here is my inspiration board for my wedding which has a woodland/vintage theme going on. It has grown into it's own monster as the months have gone on. I'm sorry but I cannot remember where I got a few of these images from, so if anyone knows please email me as I would like to give credit.

First Row: Smithtown Historical Frank Brush Barn, Cake, Apothecary Jars, Organza Flowers DIY
Second Row: Moss letters, Candle Sticks from Cox and Cox, Fruit Bowl from Matthew Mead via Snippet and Ink, J Crew Catalog
Third Row: Place card holder from Cox and Cox, Tart, Woodland Dessert Table from HouseMartin, Mail Box from Cox and Cox
Fourth Row: Peony and Mint Flower Bouquet

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