Monday, June 8, 2009


Why do we blog? The New York Times ran an interesting article about blogging and the massive amount of abandoned blogs. I was amazed by those who were disappointed with the results of their blogging. I mainly started reading and following blogs when I was first engaged and quickly became addicted to all of the wonderful postings, DIY projects, inspiration and support. I have noticed many blogs that are no longer active once the bride has been married but even those blogs for the new wedding blog reader still holds a wealth of info. I started this blog with the intent to cover many areas of life since my wedding day will come later this fall and I wanted to make sure that I always had enough info to post. While a book deal, advertising revenue, and/or a full time, lucrative career would be a wonderful outcome to a blog that I so much enjoy, I will be perfectly happy researching and writing even if I'm the only one reading.

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  1. I'm agree with you. If you want write even for yourself is OK, because I think to post something in your blog is for you and then for somebody else.
    I started to write since 5 years ago, and I wrote all the time, there wasn't a subject. Sometimes I wrote about something I saw.
    Now is different, I almost don't post. Since I get married I stopped writting... That's a shame because I felt my blog like a diary :D
    But I want to write again, sometimes I write, but not much like another time.


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